My New Coat: Marfy 1974

With great pride, I wish to share with you my beautiful new coat from Marfy pattern #1974:


  • Taupe wool jacquard from Pendleton
  • Underlined with polished wool – i.e. men’s plaid suit fabric
  • Faced with brown wool
  • Trimmed with lambswool
  • Lined with Asian print, underlined with cotton gauze

Consistent with Marfy’s approach to provide pattern pieces without instructions, the following is a photo diary of the process.  Besides, this post is for my kindrid spirit whose wish to see the details more than to hear the story.  Enjoy!


Underlined with polished wool and linen for shoulder stabilization
Welt pockets
Bound buttonholes
Velvet pockets
Fur collar with stand

Resulted in:

Back yoke detail
Collar stand
Bound buttonhole
Facing, window for inside of buttonhole, velvet piping
Bone buttons and lining
Fur cuff
One more time

Thank you for visiting.

6 thoughts on “My New Coat: Marfy 1974

  1. That is one pretty coat! Each step of the process has been done with an eye to perfection, and it really shows. Congrats!

  2. That has to be the warmest coat you have ever had. It looks great! It’s always fun to see your creations. Thanks for sharing. Barb

  3. I was lucky enough to see this coat in person, and it is beautiful! I’m still thinking about the perfect stitching on that back yoke. It looks wonderful on you, Annette!

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