Consistent with one of the purposes of this blog, to share knowledge, the following is a list of tutorials to make them easier for you to find.

Fabric Flowers, Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Fur Collar, How to sew

Jeans Hemming the Professional Way

Legging for adults, Free Pattern

Leggings for children, Free Pattern and How to sew 

Neckline finish, Self-fabric bias binding

Pants, How to sew convertible pants with zip-off legs

Pleating Taffeta

Prairie Bonnet, Sewing a Laura Ingalls-style

Security pocket for travel

Shirt, Vented for Travel or Adventure

Skirt, Making a skirt from pre-ruffled fabric

Skirt with yoke, Free pattern and How to sew

Slipper socks, How to make from lace

Spaghetti strap, Sewing

Sweater, Felt and Upcycle 

T-shirt, Making a dress from

Travel skirt, Make your own

One thought on “Tutorials

  1. I found you by searching for a pattern to sew a money holder for my son who is going to Rio with a group this summer. I enjoyed your story & I especially appreciated your diagramming with the instructions. He is a funny sort- I’ll have to check with him to see if he’ll use it. But I thought your design alla your friend, was the best!

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