Why FabriCate & Mira?

Mira and Caitlin are my adorable granddaughters, for whom I love to sew.  they are delighted to receive the clothing I make for them. What could honor them more than to name my blog after them?

3 thoughts on “Why FabriCate & Mira?

  1. I stumbled upon your blog from Threads. Cute stories and experiences.
    I have a question?
    If you have a piece of beautiful fabric 7 think it should be a dress…how do you figure out the correct style for that dress. I’m mulling over a printed piece of charmeuse satin with a really large but soft pattern & I want to be sure to do it justice.

  2. Hi Annette,
    I have been a busy blogger on first grade teacher websites and remembered to check your site. It makes me sad that I have not kept in better touch with you guys. This summer has been one wild ride with rides into Tripoli when Erin can’t take Cait and Haley, softball games and tourneys all weekends except one! The garden took a dump a few weeks ago (heat, humidity, human errors). Anyway we will call (for real this week). We just canceled our trip to the Keys-it’s been a hard summer on Terry. We need cool crisp Wisconsin August days. Perhaps we can meet at Irish fest? I would like to sew some seat covers for crates in my first grade classroom-can you lead me in the right direction?
    See you guys soon~Chris

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