I Own Print Blocks, but Now What?



It seems so long since we were in India and Nepal though in reality it was only one month ago.  Not only was I left with substantial knowledge of the countries and cultures, and great memories, but also a new textile-related interest.  Previously I wrote about the decline of the textile industry in Nepal.

Interestingly, as a result of textile companies going out of business, there were print dye blocks and bulk powdered dye was for sale in flea markets and souvenir stalls.  The dye colors were intriguing, but what if I could actually dye fabric with the blocks?

Powdered dye in gorgeous colors

Since I didn’t purchase any fabric, it only seemed appropriate to purchase some dye blocks and dye – maybe I could make some interesting fabric?


It must be said that I knew absolutely nothing about how to dye or print dry fabric, but I was confident that I could learn.  My GD’s and I gave it a try several weeks ago, using standard liquid dye and fabric paint.  They had so much fun, especially because one of the blocks is a cat, and they have each wanted a piece of clothing with a cat design.  It was great fun I found out that I have lots to learn.

Stay tuned!