Day 6

For the second day in a row we got up with the birds to hop on a bus.  Yesterday we rode from Chetumal, Mexico, through part of Belize and to Flores, Guatemala.  In Mexico the buses were large tourist buses however this trip marked the change to mini-buses and vans, narrow bumpy roads, potholes, stretches of gravel and non-functional air conditioning.  No reading on this ride.

In Flores, a quaint little town which is really an island in the middle of an inland lake, we got a great waterfront room with a balcony.  In this town a waterfront room is easier than you would think – the town is about a half mile square and all hotels face the water.  For this we shelled out $16.00 per night, including 2 beds, TV and wifi service.  Amazing.  The reason for this location was as a launching point for Tikal.

This morning in a deep haze we boarded a mini-bus for our one day trip to Tikal.  This amazing acropolis which is the middle of a dense jungle was a center of Mayan civilization.  The photos speak for themselves.

I forgot to mention that Plano Juno is going with us – she is a part of one of our granddaughter Mira´s school projects.


In addition to the historical beauty, the wildlife was incredible – howler monkeys, spider monkeys, weaver birds, parrots, etc.  And of course a pregnant tarantula which is being held by another traveler.