Nothing Less than Amazing

Interestingly, one of the blogs my DH Kevin follows is Cakewrecks If you’ve not seen it on the web or heard about it on television, it’s a photo blog of professional cake mishaps peppered with cakes where the cake construction is beyond one’s imagination.  For us sewists, these cakes are comparable to an artful couture garment. The cakes below obviously fall into the latter category.

Since September is National Sewing Month, I’m sure these cakes were posted to celebrate our craft.  Yes, they are real cakes.  To give credit to the masterful cake decorators the name of the person who submitted the cake is at the bottom.  

This one looks just like my 50+ year-old Singer.

This doesn’t look like my sewing area as the cake is neat and orderly and my sewing area isn’t.

And now a tribute to knitters:

If you’re interested, here is the link to the original post.