Life is Moving Rapidly

Life is moving fast – literally.  After an endless number of home showing and a year on the market our home is under contract.  We’ll be settling/closing (on the east coast it’s called a “settlement” and in the midwest it’s a “closing”) in the next several weeks and then will take off for Wisconsin.  As you can imagine, this life change translates into spending a huge amount of time packing, sorting, etc.

Since we’ll be living in temporary housing until we find a home, the majority of my sewing supplies will be in storage for a while.  This means I need to plan for all of my spring sewing projects and assemble all that is needed for each project.  While I have great admiration for those who can sew with a plan (SWAP), that’s a foreign concept for me.  Spontaneity is my preferred mode and it allows me to be more creative.

As you can see by six year-old  Cate’s recent writing exercise, she is very excited that we are moving near her.

During the next several weeks, blog posts will likely take a back seat to life’s changes.  As with sewing projects, I have many more blog post ideas that don’t come to fruition than those which are completed.  That’s just how it is.

Now that I’ve given Cate some air time, I need to tell you about Mira, the nine-year old budding fashion designer.  She’s always had an eye for design.  To nurture that talent, one of her Christmas gifts was “My Fabulous Look Book”, where she can create her own fashion designs.   She may be on the path to Project Runway.  Here is one of her recent designs:

It will be so wonderful to live near these two adorable and talented girls.