A Tribute to My Dear Mother-in-Law

Love for Husband and Family

We are very sad tonight as we received the dreaded phone call, especially when you live a half-country away from your family.  Kevin and I learned that his mother died this evening.  Rhoda was a lovely woman and for me, was like my own mother.  She met my father-in-law in Ireland during WWII, married him 18 months later and was in the marriage for nearly 60 years until Robert died about 5 years ago.  Rhoda left her family in Ireland and came to the US at a young age, learned the American ways, became a nurse, and EMT and raised 7 children.

After being apart for about 15 months, Rhoda received a “We can marry on Saturday” telegram on a Weds.  And here they are several days later.  What a beautiful couple.

A war bride and her handsome soldier - 1945

It was another 9 months before all the war brides were shipped (literally) to the US.  Here they are soon after they were finally together.

After moving to the US - ~1946

Bob and Rhoda raised seven children who birthed 19 grandchildren who had 8 great-grandchildren (thus far).  She adored every one of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and they loved her.   We are blessed with many photos of her holding them in a loving way.

As the years passed by Bob and Rhoda’s love for each other was always so obvious – very endearing.  Even in her last months when Rhoda’s memory was failing, she loved to tell the story of the day she met Robert and how she went to dances in Ireland with her mother watching them from the balcony (that’s one’s tough, huh?).

As they became old together, we most often saw them together. Here are several photos of those later years.  After Bob died, Rhoda was lost.  Tonight she joined him again forever.

Fishing together

Rhoda, you were a wonderful and loving wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother.