When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple – Unless I can Wear Cashmere

Having completed one coat this winter which didn’t wasn’t the ideal project, my need for mastery has kicked in, resulting in a decision to accelerate the plan to sew a wool coat for moi.  I love the cut of Simplicity’s Project Runway 2812 pattern and I  need a new wool coat but had planned to wait until next fall to take on this project.  Purple or royal blue were my colors of choice; black wool is easy to come by and black coats look great but this time I wanted color.  Maybe my desire to reject symbols of aging is related to my impending retirement or who knows?  No need to analyze but at least you know where my head is at these days.

Last week I searched the internet and sent for a few samples but on Friday I decided to make a run to London Textiles in New Jersey to take a look at their selection of coating.  London Textiles is a designer fabric wholesaler whose doors are thankfully open to the public.  If you’re even in the Philadelphia area on a weekday, I’d highly recommend a visit.  Their prices are amazing and they have bins of roll ends capable of enchanting a fabriholic serious sewer.

Purple or Royal vs Black Cashmere Coating

Not surprisingly, there were gorgeous coat-weight wools but no purple or royal blue.  Oh, but there was that roll of black Italian 100% cashmere that kept following me around the warehouse.  What’s more, the price was unbelievable – for cashmere that is.  I wandered around the store looking at gorgeous fabrics in search of the perfect silk lining and there it was – deep red silk.  The deal was sealed!  What an exciting find and how fun much fun will it be to work on cashmere.

Soon I will start indulging in this rich, luscious fabric.

Other Finds:

Stretch denim for a pair of Jalie jeans, navy wool knit for a cardigan, black wool gauze to use as an interlining for the coat.

My question for you:

What type of buttons should I use on this coat?  Leave me a comment with your suggestion – either a general suggestion or a specific button.  Also, if you’ve worked on cashmere, I’d love to hear your tips on interfacing, underlining, etc.