The Streets of Cartagena

Yes, our trip has come to an end and based on the number of recent posts, you may think this blog has also ended.  The latter isn’t true.  In fact I have lots of incomplete blog posts which I will still put up while transitioning this back to its primary focus as a sewing blog.

We spent the last week of our trip in Cartagena, Columbia.  The immediate response of many is a reference to “Romancing the Stone”, but for history buffs, the city was the center of activity during the Spanish era in Latin America.  Although this is a large urban city, the traveler’s haven is in the beautifully restored Center or Old CIty, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  We stayed immediately outside of the city walls in Getsemani, which is the old slave quarter.

The best way to experience Cartagena is to walk the streets to people-watch, to enjoy the variety of street food and to appreciate the architecture of times past. The following are a few photos of the typical doors, windows and bougainvillea lined streets of the Old City.

Thank you for traveling with us.