In my Past Life I was a Turtleneck

This blog has been latent however today I found a need to use a URL to post a photo to another website.  The quickest way to do this was to post it here so here’s the photo and directions on how to convert a vintage shop turtleneck sweater into a V-neck.

Converting a Turtleneck sweater to a V-neck

My husband loves lightweight wool V-neck sweaters, which are increasingly difficult to find, even at second-hand shops.  So when I found this grey wool turtleneck (sorry, no photo so you’ll need to trust me), I was sure it had a future as a V-neck.




  1. Remove turtleneck
  2. Cut 2 binding strips 2″ wide.
  3. Now determine the size of the V-neck and cut opening
  4. With the 2 strips of binding laying flat, create the miter and sew the front V
  5. Sew the 2 strips together for center back (CB)
  6. Pin binding to neckline and machine baste
  7. Sew front V binding with a standard sewing machine (as for any V-neck binding)
  8. Audition the binding to assure it is the correct length.  If not, adjust at CB.
  9. Serge or zig-zag the binding to the sweater.

That’s it.  Here are a few photos of the finished product.  I noticed that the stitch at the bottom of the V has pulled out so I’ll take a hand stitch to fix that.  Not unexpected after about 6 or 7 years of wear.  Otherwise this sweater still looks great.IMG_3543.jpeg

Center back
Center Back



Inside of V-neck


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