An Unlikely Maternity Coat

Well my blogcation was a little longer than I thought, but at any rate, I’m back – this time to tell you about my daughter’s maternity coat.  She lives in Minnesota and with a winter pregnancy, she needed a coat to cover our future granddaughter.

Image 1When I shopped for the fabric for this coat, Megan said she thought grey would be a good color.  While at SR Harris in Minneapolish, I texted photos of the various fabrics to Megan. When I found hot pink the decision-making was all over.

Initially I thought I’d modify a regular coat pattern but on a whim, I did an Indy pattern search for maternity coats.  This coat on Deuxieme Arrondissement (“Second District” is the English translation) was the perfect match for  the pink wool.  So I sent to France for the pattern.  Actually twice,  as I mistakenly ordered a dress pattern the first time. (It was as cute as the coat pattern, but that’s another story).

Coat pix

Did I tell you that the directions are in French?  On first blush it was a daunting thought, but not knowing how to speak or read French was less of a deterrent than I thought.  I used Google Translator, typing the text from the directions until I was pretty sure I got a general idea on how to proceed with the coat construction.   It worked amazingly well.

The Zipper


A rhinestone zipper seemed like exactly the right embellishment for this coat.  With black piping and a black/pin tweed under collar and under cuffs, a black zipper with rhinestone teeth was not only practical but also adorable.  Megan was thrilled when she saw it.

What About the Pattern?

As I mentioned, the pattern instructions are written in French. Overall the construction methods are fairly simple.  There are also fairly simple sketches of the pattern pieces and construction methods.  While not as clear as photos or computer generated graphics used by some pattern-makers, the sketches are sufficient.  One of the great things about the pattern was the marking of the cuff pieces.  The pieces are fairly small and it would be easy to place one incorrectly.  to prevent this, the sides of the pattern pieces and the corresponding sleeve pieces are marked with “a”, “b”, “c”, etc.  I’ve not seen this method used previously but it’s definitely a winner.  Last of all, the faced slit pockets show the contrasting black/pink tweed fabric – a lovely design feature.

If you’re searching for stylish maternity patterns, give Deuxieme Arrondissement a try.  She has some very stylish patterns.

Here is my review on

More Photos

To round out this post, here are a few more photos of this unlikely maternity coat.  Best of all, she plans to wear the coat when she’s no longer pregnant.



Faced pocket reveals black/pink tweed contracting fabric.

Now we can’t wait to see what’s under this coat. Maybe before Christmas?

8 thoughts on “An Unlikely Maternity Coat

  1. That is so cute! You could never have a hot pink maternity coat if you weren’t a sewer! The rhinestone zipper is perfect.

  2. I continue to get compliments on this coat everywhere I wear it! Thanks for travail de l’amour, I mean the labor of love.

  3. It’s a seriously sweet maternity coat! I’ve just ‘discovered’ deuxieme arrondissement patterns and found you through pattern review. I’m hoping to make this pattern for a good friend so it’s lovely to know you didn’t have any issues with it. It looks lovely on your daughter :)

  4. So lovely, and how awesome that your daughter had you to sew it for her. :) I’m considering purchasing a dress pattern from this designer but am having a hard time figuring out if the sizing will work for me since there is no size chart. Would you mind sharing what size your daughter typically wore in RTW (and her typical Big 4 pattern size, if you know it) and what size you ended up making for her here?

  5. It really is a great pattern. In terms of comparison, I don’t know about the big 4, but my daughter wore an 8 or 10 pre-pregnancy, and I made a large. To assist me, I compared the pattern’s bust size and shoulder seam to shoulder seam measurement from an existing coat. For the bust, I then allowed for pregnancy growing room. Hope this makes sense. Good luck.

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