That Special Wedding Dress: Last Minute Alterations

At the end of August my dear friend Kathleen’s daughter EB was married.  It was a beautiful outdoor event in a lovely park and on a sunny summer day.  Sounds like the wedding made in heaven.  As with all events of that magnitude, there are always a few last-minute glitches.  In this case the most significant “week before the event” change was the wedding dress.  Originally EB selected a vintage dress and had it altered so it fit perfectly.  It was ready for the big day.

As we know, there’s more to a great wedding dress than “fit”.  EB loved the dress but the style (for her) wasn’t quite right.  So with 10 days to the big day she found an amazing dress in a bridal shop.  Now she was really in love – with the guy and the dress.

My dear friend Kathleen, EB and her brother Patrick

The bridal store clerk sold EB the dress and said it would be no problem to do the alterations in a week.  They quoted $100 to alter the sides, repair/place a new zipper, adjust the shoulders. shorten the dress 7″, shorten the slip and to add a bustle.  As Kathleen told me this, I thought, “The people at the bridal store were taking EB for a ride.  There’s no way they’d do all of those alterations for $100”. Truthfully I was a little annoyed that a bridal shop would be so disingenuous as to give a low-ball quote. Haven’t we all heard the tales of bridal shops charging exorbitant prices for alterations services?

What are friends for?  I was pleased to do the alterations.  Besides this was self-serving as it nourished my hunger for working on a wedding dress.

The schedule:  With six days to go, EB came to my house for a fitting.  For 2 days I ripped, cut, sewed and pressed.  In 48 hours or 4 days before the wedding EB came for the final fitting and it was perfect.  She loved it and the dress looked fabulous on her.

The Bride and Groom

The back had buttons all the way down to the hemline – a lovely design detail.

Great dress

How wonderful it was to see the a bride feel beautiful on her special day.

BTW, since I had difficulty finding websites with information about “Side alterations – too little fabric”, my next post will be on this topic.

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