A Sewing Cave in the Making

Since we left Philadelphia via moving truck several weeks ago, we have been homeless.  Thanks to our very kind family members we’ve had places to stay however last week we checked into a hotel.  It was time to stop living like kids and to have some personal space.

Simultaneously we purchased a lovely home near Madison, Wisconsin.    I am excited to tell you that it met the criteria for a sewing space.  

Past Sewing Spaces

Whine with me while I tell you that in my 50 (ugh) years of sewing, I’ve never had a dedicated sewing space.   When you’re my age, there’s a lot of history:

  • A Guest Bedroom was the best I could do for about 25 years –  in several apartments and in our previous Wisconsin home.   Oh what a mess had to be cleaned up before the arrival of guests.
    • Rating:  Better than the kitchen table.
  • A Dark Space in the Basement was my sewing location for the last 6 or 8 years in our past Wisconsin home.  The space was huge but really, it was in the furnace room and the windows were tiny.   My family will attest to the fact that it only required  received an annual cleaning.  There are no photos to document this era and if there were, I’d be too embarrassed to show them.
    • Rating:  An upgrade from the kitchen table or a guest room.
  • In a Bay Window of the Family Room.  For the past 6 years in our Philly condo, the sewing area was tiny but in a  4′ x 9″  north-facing box window bay, which made it fabulous.  I used an IKEA make-it-yourself table.  It was away from the living space while being a part of the Family Room.  The downside was that most supplies were, you guessed it, in the guest bedroom and my stash was in the basement which required a trip outside the building. Despite the fact that this wasn’t a “private” space, it was a sewist’s dream.  When we were selling the condo our realtor suggested that I put the sewing machines away to not “put off” potential buyers.  Offended, I ignored her comment and made sure the table was neat and the machines were pushed toward the wall when we had a showing.
    • Rating:  A solid “9” out of “10”.  This was a dream to sew in.
Overlooking a lovely tree-lined Philadelphia street

The Future Sewing Cave

Can I tell you how exciting it is that I’ll have a dedicated sewing space.  Until we move in and are settled, I won’t be able to sew but dreaming about this room is a great substitute.  The future “Sewing Cave” is a finished 13′ x 18′  basement bedroom with great windows and a closet.  In its past life it was a Craft Room with walls of cabinets and an island.  Now it has ripped up walls and carpeting from cabinets that were removed by the previous owners (that’s a story for another time).  A little paint and new flooring will do wonders for this room.

Future Sewing Cave with 2 large windows

There’s even a “Stash Closet” in this cave.  Secretly I wonder if it will be large enough, but that’s a different problem.

Stash Closet

I’d love to hear your ideas on how to develop this creative space.  More to come……

One thought on “A Sewing Cave in the Making

  1. Ooooo, Annette! I’d covet your windows, but that would be a sin! And your stash closet!

    If it were my sewing cave, I’d get rid of the carpeting paint a lighter color. Can you position your machines under the track lights?

    It’s going to be fun setting up your space!

    PS: I loved your sewing area on Osage!

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