Moving, Snowing and No Sewing

Just wanted to update all of you on what’s going on.  In the past several weeks we packed up our belongings and sold most of our furniture in preparation for moving.  Then, a few days ago we closed the sale on our Philadelphia home, had the truck loaded with an embarrassing number of fabric bins and sewing supply boxes (and a few additional household items) and set out for Wisconsin.

Once in Wisconsin and immediately before a winter storm came through we had everything moved to a storage unit where our possessions will stay until we find a home.

As the movers were unloading, I was able to pull out a few boxes of sewing supplies and place them near the storage unit door. Two of my sewing machines are still in Philly – we’ll fly back next week and will drive our car to the Midwest, including my machines and other items we didn’t want to transport in the truck.  Then I can sew again.

I’ll keep you up to date as we move through the next phase of our lives.

One thought on “Moving, Snowing and No Sewing

  1. Wow, Annette. Are you feeling just a little disoriented? Hopefully, you’ll have a new home soon and settled into it quickly and smoothly.

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