Sometime it’s the Little Things

Several years ago when our daughter Megan lived in Japan, even with all of the adorable Japanese clothing,  the cutest clothing items she wore were on her feet. Socks of all types:  socks with toes, split socks for thong sandals, unusual designs, bright colors, etc.  Of all of her footwear, the item I coveted was low-cut lace slipper socks or footies to be worn under casual or dressy shoes; an alternative to peds or some other ugly footy that in the USA, you can only purchase in the drug store. The advantage is obvious – if a part of the sock shows, it’s lace and not nude colored lycra.

from Ebay seller

In the US, I searched everywhere but wasn’t able to come up with anything close to these lace footies.  Nope, not even the Dollar Store.  How about Ebay?  There was/is one who likely imports the item from Asia.  They were dirt cheap and looked like the real deal so I hit the “buy” key.  I got them in a few days however they were sized for Cinderella — surely not for my feet.  The sewer’s creed, “I can make that” came to the rescue and the following is the result.

Low-cut Slipper Socks Tutorial and Slipper Socks pattern (pdf)


  • Two 9″x9″ pieces of stretch lace:  Stretch should be at least 25% across the grain.  I chose black and off-white/ecru.
  • Lightweight lingerie type elastic.   Approximately 28″ for each pair of slipper socks.
  • Slipper Socks pattern (this pattern is for an American shoe size of 8-9)


1. Cut slipper socks on the fold.  (Note, stretch goes lengthwise on the foot)

2. Cut two 14″ pieces of elastic

3.  Serge or zig-zag the front and back seam.  The seam should be narrow  (Zig-zag of 2.5 or serger knife set at 6-6.5).  Roll your fingers over the seam to assure that the entire seam is stitched.

4.  You are now ready to add the elastic.  Mark the elastic at 6″ and 12″  (the other 2″ is a handle to make sewing easier.  It will be cut off and discarded)

5. Starting at the heel and using a zig-zag stitch, sew the elastic to the slipper sock.  Apply more “pull” on the elastic in the area closer to the heel and to the center front area.  Use 6″ for each the right and the left side of the slipper sock.

6.  At the heel, secure the elastic by stitching back and forth a few times.  Cut off the 2″ tag.

Oh so cute and comfy, even if they peak out of your shoes.

8 thoughts on “Sometime it’s the Little Things

  1. I’m still completely impressed that you figured out how to make these, and they are much higher quality than the Japanese dollar store version I became accustomed to. I love mine! Thanks :)

  2. I cannot believe that I finally found a tutorial on Japanese lace socks. After coming back from living in Japan for 2 years I was shocked that there was absolutely nothing even close here to the kind of socks I could buy over there. My American-sized feet were starting to bust through the Cinderella-sized socks that I brought home, so I started thinking “I bet I could make those!” After hours of looking for tutorials (most of them for sock moneys!) I found your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I also want to make the kind of footies that they sell with cotton soles and lace tops for more comfort, and cotton soles with a little patch of extra fabric under the ball of your foot for even more comfort.

  3. Hi! I really want to do these ones but I don’t fully follow your instructions (I’m not native english speaker) My biggest concern is about the pattern, is it half pattern the pdf? When you say “Cut slipper socks on the fold” means the lace should be folded in two? Thanks!

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