I’d Rather be Sewing

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just had a fender bender or have made some irreversible error resulting in damage to something you treasure?   A feeling that continuously says “you idiot”.  For the past few days this feeling has been all too familiar.  In the scope of bad things that happen in life, ruining a table-top is a pretty small thing however it still made me feel awful.

So what happened?  I was clean ing the windows, using ammonia.  Without thinking I set the ammonia bottle on our oak dining room table. Unknown to me, some ammonia had spilled on the outside of the bottle.   I got distracted and came back 15 minutes later to see that the ammonia had eaten through the varnish and it made a dark brown ring on the raw wood.  Ugh!  Below is a photo after I had been sanding for a while.

Saturday, which was to be dedicated to sewing was instead spent sanding, bleaching the ring with oxalic acid and sanding some more.  The next day I stained, then varnished, etc.  The color is close but not a permanent solution.  Some day soon I’ll need to strip, stain and varnish the entire table top.  How many garments could I sew during that time?

The lesson in this is obvious, but what a hard way to learn.

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