Day 8

This morning we awoke to the sound of a soft rain. Good day to chill and read a book and catch up on our diary. “Is this day 7 or 8”, I asked. For a minute I truly was lost in time- what a great feeling. Guess we really are on vacation.

Public market

Yesterday morning we left lovely Flores for the 6ish hour ride to Coban in hilly Central Guatemala. We traded tropical weather for a more temperate climate and a very traditional area of the country. In contrast to the more tourist-laden areas, we have seen some but not many cell phones. There are phone booths but local people who need phone service also go to street vendors to make calls. As a way of making a little money, these street vendors carry a standard landline phone with a small antenna. I’m not sure of how the technology works but it’s a great way to reuse all of our discarded phones.

Street market - Coban


The rain subsided so we walked the city streets for hours, passing through local markets and checking out the city. We ended the day with dinner at a highly recommended gourmet restaurant. Lesson learned; don’t expect to get great American food outside of the USA.

Selling vegetables or social time?
Shoes all stacked and ready to sell
Altars for offerings to the gods - on the Catholic Church steps


4 thoughts on “Coban

  1. I recall Coban having great street food around the town square. It wasn’t necessarily the tipico food that you get in other parts of the country, though. And the Finca Margarita coffee plantation adjacent to downtown brewed what I still think is the best cup of coffee *ever*.

  2. Yes, they had great looking food – we were tempted to eat the chorizo and homemade tortillas but got scared off by the raw onions. Chose a restaurant instead and your dad got a GI bug, though minor.

  3. I am enjoying your trip via your blog. And, how nice to experience the lenten festivities. Stay healthy and work on that Spanish. You’re probably gonna continue to pick it up for another 6 weeks?

  4. How nice of you to share your vacation with us. We really enjoyed seeing all your pictures and learning about South America. Hope you don’t get anymore bugs. Glad you are able to relax and have a well deserved vacation. Enjoy! Barb and Tom

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