You can’t Judge a Town by it’s Bus Station

Day 3
To ease into our vacation (really because airfare was dirt cheap) we started by flying into Cancun and spent several nights in Playa del Carmen.  Here we are at the Philly airport.

Today we took a bus to Chetamul, which is a border town and a launching point for either Belize or Tikal, Guatemala. The travel books said the only thing to do here is to leave, so our expectations were low to begin with. When we rolled into the bus station in a drab part of town, we wanted to depart immediately. Upon learning there were no more buses to Tikal until tomorrow we had no choice but to stay overnight.

Imagine our surprise when we got to the city centre which has a huge market (we love markets), clean inexpensive hotels ($40) a Mayan museum and it’s a seaside town with a beautiful waterfront and promenade.

We settled in and walked to the waterfront, only to find that it’s “festival-time” in Chetumal. I’m talking about a pre-Lenten, MardiGras type event but more family oriented. Tonight the whole city came out for the parade, carnival, music and food festivity, like I’ve never seen before. Apparently there are 3 more days – each day the town hits the repeat key.

Oh, and we’re staying another day.

2 thoughts on “You can’t Judge a Town by it’s Bus Station

  1. Wow! I spent about 15 minutes at the border to exchange money and catch my bus to Flores. Looking forward to the photos!

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