A Sewing Sabbatical

I’ve always thought professors are fortunate in that many or most of them get the opportunity to take a sabbatical – just time away to focus, re-focus, discover or study.  For the sake of simplicity, let’s say that’s what I’m doing for the next several months.  This week I will be retiring from my professional work/job in healthcare.  Two days later we’re hitting the road for two months – a time to travel, to learn, to celebrate retirement for both Kevin and me (his is a belated celebration as he’s been retired for 8 years), to contemplate the next steps and to enjoy life.

As you can guess, sewing isn’t a part of life during our travels.  While I don’t feel a need for a sabbatical from this creative form, it will be interesting to see how several months away helps me to reflect and decide on the next steps for my future.  While I don’t plan to work professionally, I definitely will plan to be involved in some type of work that stimulates my creative side and it likely will be sewing or fabric related.

From Sewing to Travel Blog

The upshot is that for the next 2 months this blog will be focused on travel as opposed to sewing, family and other aspects of life.  Please join me as I share our travels with you.  I’ll try hard to find some sewing, fabric or fiber arts to share along the way  but either way the posts will be replete with Central American culture.

Please bookmark this site, add it to your RSS feed or just stop by from time to time.  Either way, you are all invited to join Kevin and me on this adventure, sabbatical or vacation.  There won’t be any sewing patterns or tutorials but hopefully there will be a few photos and some interesting details to share..

One thought on “A Sewing Sabbatical

  1. Over the years many of my friends have retired but I cannot think of anyone who retired with a plan so ambitious and exciting as yours. I look forward to read your travel blog and wish you the best. On the downside, will you need a surrogate from PR to sew for your grandchildren? Have they ever gone this long without being able to send in their requests? I am sure, however, they are happy for you.

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