Mira’s First PJ Pants

Previously I’ve blogged about the pleasure I get from having granddaughters who have an intense interest in all things  sewing.  When we visited over the Christmas holidays, I took with me some pre-washed flannel and a pants pattern with the hope that if asked, Mira would want to sew her first piece of clothing. When I made the offer to spend some special time sewing with Ramma (grandma – that’s me), she wanted to begin immediately.

Mira could hardly wait for me to cut the pieces and to pull out the sewing machine.  Following a safety review (hold your hands at each the side of the needle, never put your fingers under the needle, etc) she immediately began to sew the pieces together.  For each joining, I stood by her side but she guided the fabric and back-tacked at the beginning and end of each seam.  After each seam, amazed by her accomplishment, she ran upstairs to show her grandfather (fondly known as Racka) the progress.

Within an hour she had completed the pants including making the casing and pulling the elastic through with a large safety-pin. In fact drawing the elastic was quite fascinating for Mira’s 8 year-old inquisitive mind.

By this time her energy was waning so I quickly hemmed the legs.  Rightfully so, Mira was extremely proud of her completed project.  She put them on and ran to show her grandfather; later that day she was equally as thrilled to show her parents.


Mira took the completed pj’s to show her teacher the next day; she wore them as day clothing for several days and took them with her when visiting family and friends.  This weekend we visited again and the glow hasn’t worn off – yesterday she took the pj pants to a Superbowl Party so she could show them one of her aunts.

Nor has my glow worn off!


2 thoughts on “Mira’s First PJ Pants

  1. Caitlin thinks Mira looks really cute in the pj’s.

    Mira thinks the blog is very detailed and she likes how well you explained how much she likes her pj pants and how proud she is.

    She also says ‘Thank you for explaining about pj’s.’

    Caitlin says ‘Mira really likes her pj’s – thanks for putting that on your blog.

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