Pattern: Uniform Project LBD

A few days before Thanksgiving, my Uniform Project LBD pattern finally arrived.  It appears that this well-intended project ran into a number of obstacles and in the end there were barriers to doing the right thing for those in need.  Printing and mass producing a pattern wasn’t as easily accomplished as originally envisioned, resulting a time-span of several months from the time of the pattern release until it was in the hands of those who placed orders.  During these months, there were frequent and apologetic messages from the team at The Uniform Project.

Not Just any Pattern

Having received a notification email with the USPS tracking number, I was expecting a package rather than an envelope, similar to how most patterns arrive.  What a surprise when it arrived.  The package was an inch thick and here’s what was inside:

The pattern was printed on standard paper and came packaged in a tote bag.  What a nice touch.

Now I can’t wait to make a wearable muslin for one of my daughters.  Do you also wonder if it really will be able to be reversed and still look fashionable?  What type of fabric would you use?  Would it be odd to make a red LBD?

Of course, that’s in line after the 6 or 8 current projects which are in the queue.

6 thoughts on “Pattern: Uniform Project LBD

  1. I finally got mine, quite a while after it was posted. It’s really a pity that they got so far in over their heads, and I do wonder how much of the money paid for the patterns actually ended up helping the worthwhile charities in question.

    We certainly got quite a nice package, though, and I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to make it; I think it might make a fun travel “duster”, sort of a multi-purpose, all-occasion back-up garment that could be worn on a plane in warmer weather.

    I love your idea of a RED LBD (LRD??). Why not? It’ll be classic (and maybe inspire some others, too!).

  2. Hello. I just happened to find the Uniform Project; and that search landed me hear, looking for info on the LBD pattern. I haven’t read up completely, but see that the dresses and patterns are no longer available.

    Did you ever sew up an LBD?
    Would you share/sell your pattern?

    Any other suggesttions on similar patterns that are commercially available?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

    BTW, it was fun to find your blog along the way. Lots to learn here!

  3. Hey, I’m looking for a copy of the LBD pattern as well – I emailed them about it but never received a response.. I’m happy to buy it from them for a higher price to allow them to give to charity, but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, so if you were interested in sharing yours, I’d be willing to buy it.

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