A Second Career in Sewing?

Retirement is on the Horizon

You all know that I love sewing, fabric and all things fiber, but for the duration of this blog I’ve not posted much about the “other than sewing” aspects of my personal life (well, except for my husband, children and granddaughters).

In a nutshell, I’m a nurse by training and worked as a pediatric nurse for 25 years. For the past 15 years I’ve worked to improve the safety and quality of healthcare  – if you’ve been a recipient of healthcare services lately, you know that’s a job without an end in sight.

All totaled up, I’ve spent more than 40 years working in Children’s Hospitals.  I could probably write a book about the Pediatric diseases that were common in the early 70’s and thankfully are no longer seen today.  Likewise there are new diseases that were non-existent years ago.  My work has been and continues to be very gratifying.

Despite my love for the work, the time is coming for me to pass the baton to another leader.  So my boss has sufficient time to recruit for a replacement, I gave notice months ahead of time.  Today the announcement came out – I will retire at the end of Feb.  This will give Kevin and I the opportunity to travel and of course, I’ll be able to dream about my next career, albeit part-time.  

We’re planning a post-retirement trip to Central America but as yet I’ve not landed on my next calling but as you can guess, fiber or fabric will be in the equation.  Stay tuned.

Any career suggestions?

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