Luscious Fabric

Like Being in a Candy Store

This week I had a meeting in Kansas City and what a great trip it was.  Kansas City, you say? What about it was terrific?  All of the lovely fountains that adorn the city parks and public spaces?  The warm fall weather?  The delicious but artery clogging KC bar-b-q?  Or was it the fabric shopping?

For at least the past 10 years I have made an annual trip to KC and often stayed at the Crown Center where there was an independent fabric store.  It was so close to the meeting rooms that I could do a little fabric shopping over lunch and be back for the afternoon sessions.  Like many other independent fabric stores, it went to fabric store heaven a few years ago but not before I purchased a huge amount of close-out fabric.

Alas, there is still Kaplan’s, another independent fabric store in another part of town and right across the street from my hotel.    Honestly, this store is full of fabric that can only be described as “luscious”.  Imported silks, brocades, wools and other imported designer fabrics that are amazing.   Walking through the store was an absolute delight.  I do understand that if you don’t love fine fabric, you might think I’ve gone crazy in the head.

Admittedly I had no need to purchase embroidered silk, bridal fabric or other designer pieces but it sure was fun to look and to imagine what I might want to create with these beauties. I don’t mean to offend the NY Fabric District aficionados, but I’ve not been in a fabric store which exclusively inventories such a large selection of unique and high quality fabrics.  You won’t find junk here.

As I walked into the store I half-heartedly convinced myself that I didn’t need any more fabric and it was fun to just look and touch.  That was until I saw a bolt I couldn’t resist – grey and royal blue wool crewel on cotton batiste (I think).  It continued to call my name until I was convinced that I’d be sorry if I didn’t make the purchase.  (That’s opposed to other times when I’m sure I want to buy something but I ignore the temptation and never give it another thought.)  In this case I would have been disappointed if I’d come home without the fabric.

Here you can see through the lightweight cotton which acts as the base for this unusual fabric.

Now for a pattern.  Considering the complex fabric design and heavy weight, I wanted something with few seam lines or design features.  In addition, the price of this fabric challenged me to look for a lower yardage option.  A cropped jacket would have been lovely but I then found this adorable short cape – not to long, not too short but New Look 6916 is just right.  My choice is View D with a little more length.

Now I need to think about what to use for lining and if and how to trim the edges.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

BTW, a few days later, I’m still glad I bought this fabric and I can’t wait to make the capelet.


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