9.5.2010 Another Celebration of Love

What a Joyful Time for our Family

A week ago our out-of-town family started to arrive for Deb and Shaun’s wedding weekend which was filled with parties, family time and lots of fun.  As for all big events such as this, the preparations took months and it was over in hours.

We’re left with wonderful memories and more importantly, we’re thrilled to have Deb as an official member of our family.

After a summer of temperatures above 90 degrees, it was a sunny and warm day with a bit of fall in the air.

Having been in 2 weddings within 3 months, Mira and Caitlin are now fully experienced flower-girls – if know anyone who needs flower-girls, they know the part.  Yes, the dresses are the same style as the ones they wore in Aunt Megan’s wedding several months ago – lavender this time and with a rose instead of Japanese Cherry blossoms.  Having now made this dress five times, I’m as experienced at making the dresses as Mira and Caitlin are at playing the part of flower-girl.  This also means I have some great tutorials coming in the future.

Mira, Natalie and Caitlin

This time there was a third flower-girl, adorable little Natalie.  She had so much fun with the rose petals – who ever thought that flower petals could double as a toy?  All three of the flower-girls had a ball – they danced the night away and closed the reception with all of the adults.  As you can see, at a young age, Natalie learned that you need to remove your shoes for a wedding dance!

The After Party

Mira is now so experienced that at midnight, she thought she should be able to attend the party in our hotel room.  “After all, I am a flower-girl”.  Her mother quickly nixed that idea and then came to join the party herself.

A Week Later

While Deb and Shaun were away, we continued to celebrate with family members. After a week of guests, our house is now empty.  We are left with enough dirty towels and sheets for a family of twelve.

The laundry is temporary but it will be a long time before the memories fade.  We enjoyed time with those we love and who traveled from afar to join us for Deb and Shaun’s important day.  What a joyful time.


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