Easy isn’t alway so Easy



Can a Wallet become a Wadder?

A few weeks ago, in the midst of a summer of wedding sewing, I decided to make a wallet from this Wonder Wallet pattern which I thought would be fairly easy.  The truth is, I’ve had this pattern for a while and because I like my daughter’ fabric wallet, I’ve wanted to make one for myself.  With a few scraps from a 4 ply silk casual skirt I made a few weeks earlier, the fabric seemed just right for a wallet.  Since I’d never made an object such as this, I even planned for a muslin.  That’s a joke because I rarely make a muslin for a real garment!  Actually I cut out doubles, hoping that the first one would work out and I’d throw away the second set of cut-outs.  Alternatively the first one would be a dry run so I’d make the second one correctly.

The only change I planned was to add an outside zippered change pocket.  That’s where things went awry. From the front the wallet was OK.  I learned a few things which I’ll note below but the outcome was acceptable.  I even put a button and a snap closure on the front.

The spaces for credit cards were very nicely positioned and are the perfect size.

The finished product was OK.  The stitches were fairly straight, the zipper was the perfect color and the size was right.  It was lightweight, would handle a few of our favorite plastic cards and there was a place for some change.  I transferred some money and credit cards into the wallet and finally realized the huge error I’d made.  I added the zipper pocket to the back of the wallet and topstitched it but didn’t secure the top of the pocket to the back of the wallet.  The change immediately fell out.

I’ll make the other one soon and will make a few changes from what I learned:

1. An underlining or interfacing would have improved the look and durability of the flap.

2. Sewing the change pocket should have been the very first step.  Maybe I would have realized I needed to secure the top of the pocket.

3. Somewhere my seams weren’t quite even as it looks a little lumpy at the fold.

4. Use a magnetic snap

Question: A Wadder or Not?

Since I can’t “wad” this into a ball before throwing it in a corner, can it really be called a “wadder”?  I say it’s just one more humbling experience from which I can learn.

2 thoughts on “Easy isn’t alway so Easy

  1. It may not have worked out this time, but it’s cute! And you know what Shaun would say–if you’re not falling down, you’re not trying hard enough ;)

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