Do these fabric flowers look like Japanese Cherry Blossoms?

Tutorial:  Making Fabric Flowers

The fabric flowers on this dress are somewhat different from most of the fabric flowers I’ve seen.  With a light and wispy look, they were the perfect addition to a pink dress and a wedding with a Japanese theme.  Don’t they look like Japanese cherry blossoms?

Here’s a tutorial on how to create similar flowers.


Fabric: small scraps of white and pink polyester satin and white polyester organza.  For these flowers, it is important to use polyester.

Needle and thread



1.  Hand draw a pattern such as this.  The diameter of the pattern should be equal to the diameter of the finished flower.  In this case, the flowers will be approximately 3″ in diameter and about 1-1/2″ high.  As you can see by my drawing, the pattern doesn’t need to be exact.


2.  For each flower, cut out 3 white, 3 pink and 6 organza pieces.  Cut around the pattern piece and on the lines between the petals.  For the base of the flower, also cut one circle which is 2″ in diameter.

Flower base

3.  Now you need to seal the edges of all of the petals.  To do this, use the flame from a candle.  Place each edge of the pattern piece near the candle flame (just “kiss it), rotating to catch most of the edges.  This isn’t an exact science but this method helps to prevent raveling on these delicate petals.  Don’t worry if it shrinks the edges slightly as it probably won’t show up.   Previously I did a post on making organza flowers.   For these Japanese Cherry Blossoms, you don’t want to curl the edges as with the organza flowers; just lightly seal the edges.  Also seal the edges of the fabric circle which will be used for the base.

4.  With a double strand of matching thread, hand gather the edges of the base, to make a “yo-yo”.  It will be approximately 1″ in diameter.

Now you have a yo-yo for the base

5.   Now you are ready to sew the petals to the base.  Fold one pattern piece into fourths and sew it to the base.

Hand sew the first petal to the base

6.  One by one, fold the petals in fourths and stitch to the base, alternating colors.  If you use organza, 2 pattern pieces can be folded together or they can be sewn separately.  There is no magic in how to arrange the petals – just so they look good to you.

Half of the petals are attached

7.  When all of the petals are attached, you can sew a snap to the back, or attach to the garment with a small safety-pin.

Completed Japanese Cherry Blossom

What a lovely addition to your favorite little girl’s dress or for your own.   For the dress above 2 flowers adjacent to each other on the sash.

Wouldn’t this flower be adorable in black organza and used as an embellishment for your Little Black Dress?

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