One Wedding Down, One to go….

If you Love Weddings

As we’re wrapping up the memories from one family wedding, we’re on to planning the next.  Our son Shaun and his lovely fiance, Deb are marrying in early September.  Thanks to Deb and Shaun, we have much less planning and I have far less sewing.  Altering Deb’s gown, new flower girl dresses and a dress for me and that’s it for the sewing.

Consistent with my blogging goals, I have many photos which will become future posts, tips and tutorials.

Just one more time I need to share our beautiful family with you.  Admittedly, there’s double the joy as I had a hand in creating the children and the clothing.  There is nothing in the world that delivers more pleasure than the sense of accomplishment that comes with having grown children who have come of their own.

Megan, Mom and Dad

There are of course many more pleasures in life however for those of us whose creative outlet is sewing, the sense of accomplishment from making beautiful clothing is admired by many but likely is not well understood.

The photographers for Megan and Chris’s wedding were amazing, capturing the beauty of love and family and the joy of the day.  For me, the photos bolstered my sense of accomplishment and admittedly, fed my ever-present need for mastery.

Click on the link below and enjoy:


3 thoughts on “One Wedding Down, One to go….

  1. Oh, Annette! I don’t even know your daughter, and I was moved by the wedding pictures! Beautiful pictures; beautiful dresses, beautiful couple. God bless you all!

  2. Annette, The pictures are beautiful! We felt bad we missed the wedding, so we really enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.They look so happy. We hope they are lucky enough to have a marriage as wonderful as their parents. Barb and Tom

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