Wedding Photos

6.12.2010: A Celebration of Love

Exhausted and still numb, we’re just back from Megan’s wedding.  Before I hit the sack, I wanted to share a few photos.

Sisters - Megan and Angela

Caitlin, Mira and Aunt Megan
Bride and Groom

Cute shoes!
An ice cream break
Trying to prevent drips
Bridal party - a tired moment for Caitlin

6 thoughts on “Wedding Photos

  1. Wow. You make gorgeous gowns, you made gorgeous daughters. By way of that, you made gorgeous granddaughters. And they all look fabulous. I’m sure you’re exhausted, but you’ve got to be proud as all get-out.

  2. Oh so beautiful! All of them. Megan and her dress are stunning- I especially like the shot where she is showing the shoes- it makes the dress look amazing. Angela looks gorgeous and the little ones are so sweet- those dresses turned out so beautiful as well! Congratulations! Time for feet up?

  3. Thank you Karen and Connie. Fitting was completed Thursday with one day to spare – a little to close. Yes, now it’s time for feet up but the little girls are in their uncle’s wedding in early Sept, so soon I’ll need to start new dresses for them. What fun!

  4. The pictures are wonderful! Everyone is right– you have a very beautiful family. I’m sure they all appreciate all your hard work. You can always tell how proud Kevin is when he talks about all that you do. I thought you were going to use the pink dresses in September? Hope you can relax a little now.

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