How to attach Spaghetti Straps

Bridesmaid Dress #2 is finished

Yes, I am still working on the dresses for Megan’s wedding, which is now one month away.  Last weekend we made a trip to Wisconsin, where Megan had a final fitting and we delivered 2 flower girl dresses and Angela’s bridesmaid dress.  The flower-girl dresses will be detailed in an upcoming post but here’s Angela in her dress with the hem pinned.

Angela in her bridesmaid dress
A while ago I showed how to make pleated fabric and how to make spaghetti straps.  Most of all, I feel obligated to do another post on this dress because since that posting, one of the most common searches to reach my blog is “how to make spaghetti straps”.  A similar search is “how to attach spaghetti straps”, which is a question worthy of an answer.

How to Attach Spaghetti Straps: Tutorial

1. When sewing the back of the dress, place the strap inside the dress fabric and the facing.  You can place it at a 90 degree angle or you can angle it slightly toward the shoulder.

2.  Sew all 3 layers as one.

3.  Turn the fabric and the strap will be secured.

Securing a spaghetti strap at the back
Securing a spaghetti strap (back)

4.  Try on the garment and pin the strap to the front (not too loose here)

5.  Hand sew the strap to the facing, using a double strand of thread and small stitches.  Stitch all the way to the top on both sides.

Securing the front of a spaghetti strap
Securing a spaghetti strap (front)

6 thoughts on “How to attach Spaghetti Straps

  1. Hi — You’ve got a WordPress blog, which is much more user-friendly than Blogger, so it’s actually easy to comment here. (I admit, though, I’m not really good at commenting about the kid stuff, even though it’s so cute!) See you this weekend!

  2. Looking good! Loved meeting you this weekend, and I am headed off to tell my husband about your shared RAGBRAI interest! The dress- nope all the dresses! are looking wonderful. Adding you to my blogroll by the way.

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