Making Crafty Flowers

Hand-made Organza Flowers

About six weeks ago,  Mira, Caitlin and I spent some time in an unlikely project for young children.  I had recently seen this tutorial on making organza flowers by Reese Dixon and tried my hand at these lovely flowers.    When Mira (7) and Caitlin (4) saw them they wanted to try it out and their skills amazed me.

As we began the project, I wasn’t sure that using a candle to burn the edges of fabric was a developmentally appropriate activity for a seven year old but Mira quickly told me she learned about fire safety in Girl Scouts.  I soon learned that my assessment was incorrect.

Since you can see the tutorial by clicking on the link above, I won’t repeat it, but will show some of our work below.

1.  Sealing the edges of the flower petals

2.  Petals are ready for assembly

3.  Mira suggested that she could dye the petals (I wasn’t sure how this would work but stayed with her on this idea).  We used food dye which resulted in variegated pastel colors.  As you can imagine, the girls loved this part of the activity.

4. Caitlin loved participating in this project with her big sister.

5.  Mira sewed the petals together with great ease.

6.  The final product.


This very easy project could be easily undertaken for a small Brownie or Girl Scout troup or on a rainy day.  All you need is a small piece of polyester organiza, a candle and a few beads or pearls.  The sense of accomplishment was amazing.

This weekend when we visited our granddaughters, Mira showed me where these lovely flowers were stored.  As she removed them from the drawer, I could again see how proud she was of her accomplishment.  Is there anything better for a child’s self esteem?

3 thoughts on “Making Crafty Flowers

  1. I have to admit, my heart clutched a little when I saw the picture of Mira dangling the flower over the candle. But, if she learned fire safety from Girl Scouts, it must be okay! :)

    You are making wonderful memories for Mira and Caitlin. I still remember projects done with my cousin’s at my grandmother’s house. God bless you all.

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