Sewing a Wedding Dress: Countdown 2.5 Months

Putting the Pieces Together

For some of you, it may seem as if this project is moving along pretty slowly.  While I don’t want to be sewing on this wedding dress the night before the wedding, things are feeling OK for now.  This weekend I was able to put the pieces together for the first time and while this photo hardly looks like a completed dress, the pieces are fitting together as planned.

Now before you look down the page and see something not all that spectacular I need to fore-warn you.  What you’re seeing is the lining, the skirt and a waist ribbon pinned together.  So those extra bunches, pulls and creases will go away.

Since this was at my mother’s house, there was easy access to a sewing machine however my mother’s iron is similar to one I had as a child.  Ironing the seams was a task that needed to wait until I returned home.

In the next post I’ll show you how the skirt was draped and constructed.

More later…….

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