Tutorial: How to Finger-knit

Mira Teaches us to Finger-knit

Mira is my 7 year old granddaughter.  She is very accustomed to seeing me (Ramma) sew, while both her mother and her other grandmother (Oma) are avid knitters.  When asked if she’s going to knit when she gets older, she says “No, I’m going to sew like Ramma”.  She’s been able to handle a needle and thread for a few years now.  Soon I’ll post some of her accomplishments.

While Mira may not aspire to being a knitter, she does enjoy finger-knitting, often making a strip of knitting 6 feet or longer.  Several months ago, her father, Steve took a short video of Mira teaching us to finger-knit.  I’m sure that none of us could have done it better.

This debut was followed by the sequel where Mira shows us how to cast off the finger-knitting.  Unlike many sequels, this is even better than the first.  And it was the opportunity for her sister Caitlin to get in on the action.

Can you see my smile? ♥

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Finger-knit

  1. I’m smiling, too, and they aren’t even my granddaughters. Mira is a natural teacher! And Caitlin is an adorable assistant.

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