Sewing a Wedding Dress: Countdown 4 Months

My Creative Juices are Flowing

If you sew, you understand the excitement of creating something a really special garment.  Sometimes when sewing we’re on auto-pilot and at other times it’s easy to lie awake expending creative energy and thinking about how to construct a garment.  At this point, it may be difficult to see what’s so special about this wedding dress but the end point is in my head and it looks really fabulous.

Muslin #3

Here’s an update.  Because of the unexpected family gathering for her grandmother’s funeral, Megan and I were able to get in an extra fitting.  We thought there would be just 2 more before her wedding, but this made it three.  While not a perfect fit by any means, muslin #3 was close enough for me.  Really, I dislike making sample garments, so it’s time to move on.

As you can see, it’s a little too big but I can adjust the front and side seams to fit.  The top edge gaped a bit which will be addressed by easing and applying a narrow twill to secure and to assure that it hugs her body.   There are some horizontal creases which will be offset with the vertical boning which will be placed in the lining.  Also, it is pinned in back which creates additional creases.

The top will be made of silk taffeta softened with an overlay of silk organza.  Dare I say that I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the taffeta since the previous fabric I purchased for the top isn’t quite the right “ecru”.  Hope that package arrives soon.

Skirt Construction:

Now for the skirt, which will be made of ruched taffeta.  Watching a few movies on these winter evenings has been good as I’ve been sewing rhinestones into the little circles on the fabric while enjoying a good movie.  Can’t eat buttery popcorn though.

Close-up of the Skirt Fabric
Draped skirt

There’s not much to say about the skirt construction.  I’m draping it rather than using a pattern as this fabric is a little tricky with the ruching and it’s cut on the bias.  In addition the fabric is only 44″ wide so it’s good that Megan is 5’2″  – I’m getting the maximum length from each square of fabric.  Here’s a photo of the progress to date.  It’s hanging out for a while before I cut the sides or bottom.  Or if I’m completely honest, it’s a little scary to cut this fabric as I can’t just go to the store and buy more.  At this point the sides are just folded and pinned into the desired shape.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to construct this skirt.  What are your experiences draping a skirt?

3 thoughts on “Sewing a Wedding Dress: Countdown 4 Months

  1. I’m stopping in from Lori’s. I used to make wedding dresses….a long time ago. It’s absolutely beautiful, already. I love the skirt detail.

  2. Thank you for stoppng by my blog with a suggestion to my fabric query. I’m glad to have found your blog, and will enjoy reading your posts, and seeing what that fabulous wedding gown looks like!

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