Sewing a Wedding Dress: Countdown 6.5 Months

Sew I Have an Idea for a Wedding Dress:  What’s Next

It was the weekend after Thanksgiving and Megan and I had an idea, a pattern in hand and only a few days together.  My goal for this visit was too have the first muslin completed so that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I could complete the second muslin of the dress top.  After all, once the top is finished, it’s all downhill.  Simplicity 3784 was a good starting point for the desired princess style strapless top.

Muslin #1 - Bride's Dress

The first muslin was too large and the mid section of the front was about 1/3 wider than what we were aiming for.  After 5 or 6 fittings we finally got it to fit well enough so that I could make the second muslin.  The plan was to make the second muslin before seeing her at Christmas.  One problem for making the first muslin was that in all of Philadelphia, a city of millions, we couldn’t find the correct bustier, so this fit was really a crap shoot.

Now for my excuse about the photo.  At the time, I was only dreaming about this blog so it never occurred to me that I should take a photo of Megan in the muslin.  The truth be told, most of the photos in this blog won’t include a future bride or bridesmaid or model.

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