Sewing for the girls…..

This holiday season was a sewing delight.  In addition to the usual holiday outfits for Mira and Caitlin, lots of winter leggings, muffs (or hand slippers as Mira called them) and a few miscellaneous pieces of clothing were lovingly sewed for the girls in my life.

Caitlin in her new swirly dress
Proud Mira sewed her stuffed dog

In addition there were the pettiskirts for my grandneices.  With lots of fluff and in bright colors There was a lot of swirling when they opened their gifts.

And for the big girls – for my MIL there were several knit tops in her favorite style, a felted wool jersey top for Angela (oldest daughter) and for both daughters, cashmere scarfs which were felted and re-fashioned from my favorite thrift shop. What fun it was.  Most delightful of all was seeing Mira hand-sew a stuffed dog which she received for a gift.  The photo is priceless.

Muffs (aka hand slippers)
Megan in her cashmere scarf
Angela in her cashmere scarf

Now it’s time to start sewing for Megan’s June wedding.

7 thoughts on “Sewing for the girls…..

  1. That was quite a productive holiday. Everyone looks happy with their gifts – and I would have loved one of those pettiskirts when I was that size.

    Who am I kidding? I’d still love one.

  2. When did you retire? I figure you must have done so in order to fabriCate (and Mira) so many sewing projects. You do beautiful work. Margie and I were reading Karen’s blog too. Have you ever done welt pockets? That must be like boning a duck for a cook. (We just saw the movie Julie and Julia. See it if you haven’t already). Thanks for sharing.

  3. Garments for kids, adults and the promise of a wedding dress! Certainly something for anyone who sews! I have added this blog to my favorites and look forward to the next one. Thank you so much.

  4. Lovely projects and everyone looks so happy to be the recipient of such treasures. Is there a pattern for the pettiskirts. My granddaughters would love those. Did you use tulle or netting for them? I made tutus for them one year out of tulle and it was a bit too soft. Then I tried using netting and tulle in the same colour (alternating layers) and it worked a bit better but they still got limp over time and wearing. I edged the top layer of tulle with picot edged ribbon. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but the reality was that there are miles and miles of edges on a tutu as the fabric is so densely gathered. The worst part was that while wearing hers, Sydney caught the ribbon on a cabinet door handle and tore about half of the ribbon off the tulle without realizing it. “Grandma can you fix this?” Yikes!! Those tutus have been passed along to several different friends and they have been well loved and worn.

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